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Top Brands to Follow for Best Marketing Strategies

Today we’re going to see about these brands namely Amul, Dunzo, Zomato, Durex, McDonalds and Fevicol. 

Commonly asked Question: 

Ever wondered what is the type of marketing strategy every company use in social media these days? 

They use moment marketing as it is relevant to the current trends. They use social media to promote their brands and products/services as it is easier to make a post about the current trend.  

What is moment marketing? 

Moment Marketing is also known as real-time marketing. It directly refers to the creation and sharing of marketing campaigns or messages in response to current events or trends.  

The main goal of this marketing technique is to create innovative, relevant, engaging and prompt posts to attract the interests of target customers based on what’s happening at the moment. 

Moment marketing can be in any forms like social media posts (very relevant and easy to do), email campaigns, advertisements and blog posts. It is mainly used to build brand value and awareness in the market and used to promote the business's products or services. 

How are business’s responding to moment marketing? 

Moment marketing requires businesses to be flexible and quick to respond to any current trend. Also, they need to be aware of their target audience such that they can promote their product or service. 

Why do these top brands use moment marketing? 

Top brands use moment marketing to create and share prompt, relevant content on social media and other digital platforms in order to increase their visibility, engage with their audience and build brand awareness and loyalty. This strategy allows them to respond to events and trends in real time and create content that is relevant to their target audience.  

Now, we’ll see these moment marketing examples of some of the top brands: 

Amul – Amul is the prime and oldest example for moment marketing. They’ve posting about relevant contents for the past 50 years. They started this campaign from newspaper articles to social media posts. 

Dunzo – They are a grocery delivery and package mover app and are always up there for moment marketing. Their post is with blue t-shit and helmet. They once posted a photo with all delivery partners across India which was very emotional and makes a statement about how caring they are to their employees. 

Zomato - At first, they started as a website for the people who were looking for good restaurants and their menus before planning to go there and eat the food. They entered into the food delivery space after Swiggy’s entrance in the same which increased competition and made it easier for the consumer to compare the prices and order the food they like from their comfort of their home. Their recent ad with partner firm Blinkit has been in trend as every other company is using this as a template to promote their firm as well. 

Durex – Even though they are quite restricted in the TV advertisement space due to the cultural and ethnic values in India, Durex has been in full flow in the digital marketing space.  

McDonalds - McDonalds has a big multi-national fast food retail chain. Yet they are not that active in other country’s social media page expect India. From this we can understand that how important digital marketing and its techniques like moment marketing is important in a country like India where most of our youths spend time in social media which are beneficial and economical for the company to promote their products on. 

Fevicol – They have been one of the most iconic brands in India for marketing and advertising. They entered the digital marketing space in 2016. They followed the same strategy for marketing in the digital space as well. 


To summarize, Moment Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses that want to create and share prompt, relevant, and engaging content that speaks to the interests and concerns of their target audience. By using moment marketing, businesses can increase their visibility, build a stronger connection with their customers, and increase the relevance and effectiveness of their marketing messages.

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