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Top 10 Free Graphic Designing Tools (2023)

Every designer must be creative to succeed, and working on a project takes time and effort hence, there are designing tools that may be used to make tasks easier while working on complicated designs, allowing designers to concentrate solely on creativity. It might be difficult to decide what is the finest option available when there are so many possibilities with a wide range of features or the several aspects in designing tools that may fit people differently. As a result, this blog lists the top 10 free graphic design tools for you to check out and select from! 

Most of the graphic design software has functions that lets you select from a library of pre-made templates, tweak them in any way you wish, or create own projects using a wide range of possibilities. Additionally, there are tools available for you to join groups, share your work, and communicate with others while also finding prepared designs for inspiration. 

Let us look at them in detail. 

  1. Canva  
  2. GIMP 
  3. Pexels  
  4. Freepik  
  5. Pixlr 
  6. Dribbble 
  7. Font Squirrel 
  8. Inkscape  
  9. Lunacy  
  10. Unsplash  


With Canva, a free graphic design tool, you may select from a vast selection of templates for any project you wish to work on. Numerous PowerPoint presentation templates, posters, logo designs, video editing templates, and even social media marketing templates are available.  

Although Canva is not a completely free application, its free version has more than enough features to satisfy your designing needs comfortably. The pro version locks certain designs and templates behind a subscription but not restricting the features at all. Canva’s smooth interface and easy to use templates allow people from all age groups to use it easily.  

Free Features you will like: 

  • Drag-and-drop editor for easy customizations 
  • 250,000+ free templates 
  • 100+ design types (social media posts, presentations, letters, and more) 
  • 1+ million free photos and graphics 
  • Invite others to design and work with 
  • Wide range of printable products to design and get delivered to your door 
  • 5GB of cloud storage 


Free and open-source raster graphics editor GIMP is used for a variety of specialized tasks, including image editing, transcoding between multiple image file formats, and free-form sketching. Although some artists and creators have done so, it is not intended to be used for drawing. 

Because it is open-source software, you are free to change it and share your modifications. Whether you are a scientist, photographer, artist, or graphic designer, GIMP gives you the advanced tools you need to do the task. 

Free Features you will like: 

  • Customizable Interface 
  • Photo Enhancement D 
  • Digital Retouching  
  • Hardware Support  
  • File Formats  
  • Several supporting platforms  


Pexels is a free image and video archive that supports artists in bringing their narratives and concepts to life. Millions of individuals and organizations throughout the world depend on their network of photographers to provide them with new, genuine, and varied pictures, from small companies to nonprofits, marketers to designers. 

The fact that Pexels offers both a web version and an app is its strongest feature. The consumer then uses the website to download several photographs. Most of the pictures are both high-quality and cost-free. It offers a range of content for downloading images. 

Free Features you will like :

  • Digital Asset Management. 
  • Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) 
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 
  • Headless CMS. 
  • Knowledge Management. 
  • Localization. 
  • Mobile Forms Automation. 
  • Web Accessibility. 


You can discover expertly chosen, top-notch images, vectors, editable graphics, icons, and fonts on the Freepik platform, which can speed up your work and take it to the next creative level. A portal called Freepik enables users to download various high-definition photos following their needs. It includes a wide variety of pictures taken by editors and photographers that work professionally.  

The first 10 photographs on the site are free, and both desktop computers and Android mobile devices may access it. Additionally, they created an app to improve user experience. Although the free version has extremely limited features, the pro version allows a far more variety for you to work with.  

Free Features you will like :

  • Thousands of free resources for your creative projects 
  • The Pro features include 
  • +10,266,000 Premium vectors 
  • +22,224,000 Premium stock photos 
  • +1,388,000 Premium PSD files 
  • +8,974,000 vector icons, stickers, and logos 
  • Built-in icon editor 


With Pixlr, users may edit an infinite number of photographs and share them across many platforms. Whether searching for a traditional desktop design or something more contemporary, the tool covers up several editing themes. Both of Pixlr's versions, Pixlr X and Pixlr E, are AI-powered online photo editors that give modified images a polished appearance.  

The built-in background remover function may be used to cleanly remove backgrounds from photos. In addition, it enables users to make translucent photos. Pixlr has over 10 million designs that designers may use to make modern designs more quickly. Users may also educate themselves and find inspiration in the wonderful creations of other artists from across the world. 

Free Features you will like :

  • Unlimited Access to Stock Content - 10 million Graphics, Templates, Fonts, Photos, Video & 3D files. 
  • Full Access to Pixlr X and E. 
  • Extensive editing tools. 
  • AI Cutout (and future AI tools) 
  • 28,000 extra overlays. 
  • 7,000 extra icons/stickers. 
  • 5,000 decorative texts. 
  • 18,000 Assets (New) 


Dribbble is particularly for designers, including illustrators and graphic designers. Dribbble is a great platform for sharing your regular design work and maintain your portfolio. Not simply to increase the number of clients I have, but also to gain feedback on your design from experts. 

On the website Dribbble, you may constantly look for fresh, original design concepts from other creative designers. Brainstorming your ideas and fresh might be beneficial. The Dribbble UI, shot (post) publication mechanism, etc., all is of an extremely high caliber. Before hiring a designer, professionals may also see their portfolio on Dribble. 

Free Features you will like 

  • Inspirational designs 
  • Illustrations, and  
  • Graphic elements from the world’s best designers. 

Font Squirrel 

Font Squirrel is a collection of free fonts for commercial use. Font Squirrel is the finest place to find FREE, hand-picked, high-quality commercial-use fonts. They hundreds of free fonts for download and instant use.  

Free features you will like:

  • 1000+ free fonts  
  • Special font identifier recognizing hundreds of fonts  
  • 100+ fonts in various languages  
  • Free licensing for all the listed fonts  
  • Available to be used on any device 


Inkscape is a vector graphics editor that is free and open source for GNU/Linux, Windows, and macOS. It has a wide range of functions and is used for both creative and technical drawings such as cartoons, clip art, logos, typography, diagramming, and flowcharting. It employs vector graphics to produce clear prints and renderings at any resolution, as opposed to raster graphics, which are confined to a fixed number of pixels. Inkscape's core format is the standardized SVG file format, which is supported by many other programs, including web browsers. 

Free Features you will like 

  • SVG format file creation and editing that is 100% compatible. 
  • In the XML editor, you may check and change the document tree in real time. 
  • Export formats include PNG, OpenDocument Drawing, DXF, sk1, PDF, EPS, and PostScript, among others. 
  • Export and conversion settings through the command line. 


Lunacy is an innovative vector graphics program for UI, UX, and online design. It features everything you are used to seeing in similar apps and then some. Created by designers for designers to help them focus on their job and avoid distractions. No more squandering time searching the internet for pictures, switching programs to end backdrops, or imagining placeholder text! Lunacy has everything and then some. Faster than Figma and more intelligent than Sketch! 

Free Features you will like 

  • 100% FREE lunacy  
  • Cross-platform app  
  • Real-time collaboration  
  • Low system requirements 
  • Built-in graphics   
  • Ai-powered tools onboard  
  • Works online and offline 
  • Minimum learning curve  
  • Full support for sketch files  
  • No bounds 


Unsplash is a website dedicated to the distribution of stock photographs license that can be downloaded under the Unsplash license. The website claims to have over 265,000 contributing photographers and receives over 16 billion photo impressions each month from their increasing database of over 3.2 million photographs.  

The most useful aspect of Unsplash is that it allows marketers like myself to obtain free high-quality stock pictures for commercial usage. Another feature I appreciate is the ability to download an image in the desired size. It includes three preset sizes (small, medium, and large) and allows you to download photographs in custom sizes! 

Free Features you will love 

  • Over a million categorized images 
  • Numerous collections 
  • Photos may be given, shared, and downloaded. 
  • Choose a picture size and dimension.

Top 10 Free Graphic Designing Tools


Now that we have discussed some of the greatest graphic design tools available, it's time for you to consider your needs and the features that best fit your preferences and, most importantly, help you keep your creativity.  


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