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Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools (2023)

The best part of digital marketing is managing campaigns and designing them according to the needs of the product or brand; using free online tools is one way to make the process more effective. Given how appealing the designs are to customers, the process is made easier by giving your campaigns an advantage. 

Digital marketing is a way to reach a larger audience through different online channels like social media, email, PR and more. Monitoring customer engagement is crucial for determining how effective your advertisements are, which requires analytics as well as tools that can provide you real-time data. Based on that, here are some free digital marketing tools you can use to notch up the quality of your digital marketing campaigns.  

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools are:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Buffer
  3. Canva
  4. HubSpot
  5. Ubersuggest
  6. SmallSEOTools
  7. WordPress
  8. Google Search Console
  9. Google Keyword Planner
  10. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Analytics  

Google Analytics gives you all the free tools needed to evaluate data for your business in one location, allowing you to make better decisions. Specifically, it provides you with data driven reports for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. All you need is a google account and you're good to go! 

Free features that you will like: 

  • Monitor website performance and get visitor data 
  • Discover the top user traffic sources 
  • Decide the effectiveness of their marketing actions and campaigns 
  • Keep track of target completions 
  • Learn about patterns and trends in user engagement and demographics 


Buffer is a platform for managing social media for small to medium enterprises that enables users to create content, interact with customers, and track the effectiveness of their social media efforts. [scheduling, managing multiple social media platforms] 

Free features that you will like: 

  • Several social media integrations like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 
  • Has browser extension and mobile app 
  • Automatically publish pre-timed posts  
  • Easy to manage all social media and send collective posts at the same time 
  • Advanced analytics with great functions.  


Canva is an excellent design tool with an easy-to-use UI that helps you make your design appealing. Canva provides free templates for everything, from social media photos and online banners to marketing brochures, flyers, business cards, and presentations. 

Free features that you will like: 

  • Drag-and-drop editor for easy customizations 
  • 250,000+ free templates 
  • 100+ design types (social media posts, presentations, letters, and more) 
  • 1+ million free photos and graphics 
  • Invite others to design and work with 
  • Wide range of printable products to design and get delivered to your door 
  • 5GB of cloud storage 


HubSpot is CRM with tons of features when it comes to marketing. Everything you need is included right into HubSpot CRM and email marketing solutions. Design and send professional emails through customization tools then track for better performance.  

Free features that you will like: 

  • Database having all customer data  
  • Meeting scheduling  
  • Live chat and support.   
  • Blog publishing  
  • Manage SEO  
  • Ad tracking  
  • Email marketing  
  • Landing page and form builder  
  • And more... 


Ubersuggest is a free web SEO tool for businesses that allows them to optimize page rankings and keyword phrases for website or online content. Ubersuggest helps you work through top-performing content pieces and provide hundreds of keyword ideas that are designed to increase traffic and ranking on any page. 

Free features that you will like: 

  • Access to our SEO tool 
  • SEO training & support 
  • Daily rank tracking 
  • Personalized SEO suggestions 


One of the top platforms for search engine optimization on the market is SmallSEOTools. Software with several uses, the SEO auditing tool aids in curating and developing high-quality online content for improved website ranking. Top-notch keyword and backlinking features are provided by this SEO auditing tool. It offers a "website link count checker" that counts the links on a certain webpage. Its "Backlink Maker" function, which swiftly creates a big number of high-quality backlinks, is another essential feature. 

  • Text Content Tools  
  • Images Editing Tools  
  • Keywords Tools  
  • Backlink Tools  
  • Website Management Tools  
  • Website Tracking Tools  
  • Proxy Tools  
  • Domain Tools  
  • Meta Tags Tools  
  • Password Management Tools 


The content management system WordPress is open-source, free, and has a ton of incredible features to make a free website for your business or personal blogging. Its user-friendly features and streamlined design make it possible for you to build website or landing page using pre-designed themes or templates and making it easy to update. 

Free Features you might like:  

  • Optimized for Search Engines.  
  • Syncs With social media.  
  • Easy for Brands to Maintain and Update. 
  • Endless Design Options. 
  • Fully Responsive. 
  • Easy To Customize.  
  • Supports Blogging.  
  • Analytics. 

Google Search Console 

You can track, keep, and troubleshoot your site's visibility in Google Search results using the free Google Search Console. Although you do not need to register for Search Console for your website to appear in Google search results, but doing so might help you optimize and track your website’s views and keywords.  

Free Features you might like: 

  • Make sure Google can access and crawl your website. 
  • Fixing issues with indexing and requesting re-indexing or newer content.  
  • View your site's Google Search traffic statistics, including how often your site appears in Google Search, which search terms bring up your site, how often users click through to your site from those results, and more. 
  • Get notifications when Google finds difficulties with your site's indexing, spam, or other aspects. 
  • Find the sites that engage with your website. 
  • Investigate problems with AMP, mobile usability, and further Search options. 

Google Keyword Planner 

You may find keywords for your search campaigns with the use of a keyword planner. Using this free tool, you may find new keywords associated with your company, get an idea of the number of searches they receive, and find out how much it will cost to target them (CPC). Another method for developing Search campaigns based on in-depth keyword research is offered by Keyword Planner. 

Free Features you might like:  

  • Discover new keywords 
  • See monthly searches 
  • Decide cost 
  • Organize keywords 
  • Create new campaigns 

Google PageSpeed Insights 

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) reports on a page's user experience on desktop and mobile devices and offers recommendations for how to make that website’s page better. 

On a page, PSI offers both lab and field data. As it is gathered in a controlled setting, lab data is helpful for troubleshooting problems. Field data supplies a more constrained set of metrics but is valuable for capturing authentic, real-world user experience. 

Free Features you might like: 

  • Reports on the user experience of a page across  
  • Available on mobile and desktop platforms 
  • Makes recommendations on how to make that page better. 
  • Provides both lab and field data about a page 

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools


This brings us to the conclusion of our discussion of some of the top free tools available for digital marketing. There are other programs available that accomplish the same thing, but ultimately, client usability is what matters most. Examine your requirements and select the ones that are suitable for you and your business. 


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