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Top 10 Best CRM Tools for Marketing (2023)

Customers are one of the most important assets in any business, supporting good relationships and effective communication is critical for the businesses to thrive in the market. Customer relationship management (CRM), is a technology that helps businesses manage their relationships and interactions with current and prospective customers. CRM can be used in today's digital age to simplify the customer lifecycle process, saving time and effort to centralize data while also collaborating tasks within the team.  

With the help of a CRM tool, you can manage marketing campaigns, track service issues, find sales opportunities, and store customer and prospect contact information all in one convenient location. You can also make data about every customer interaction accessible to anyone at your company who might need it. CRM system support startups in setting up and keeping connections with customers, improving customer service, and converting more leads into sales. CRM systems offer real-time data that organizations may use to strengthen customer interactions and boost revenue. Customer information such as contact details, sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, and customer tickets are typically stored on a single platform. Here are a few CRM tools that you might find useful: 

Most Popular CRM tools with Features:  

  1. HubStop CRM 
  2. Zoho CRM  
  3. EngangeBay 
  4. Bitrix24 
  5. ClickUp  
  6. Freshsales 
  8. Insightly  
  9. Capsule CRM  
  10. Agile CRM  

Top 10 Free CRM Tools

HubSpot CRM  

HubSpot is one of the best online CRM tools available. Because of its incredible features and simple interface, it's the best in its class. It is simple to use and offers game-changing features within the free version. The free package includes marketing, sales and support features such as:  

  • Database having all customer data 
  • Meeting scheduling 
  • Live chat and support.  
  • Blog publishing 
  • Manage SEO 
  • Ad tracking 
  • Email marketing 
  • Landing page and form builder and more... 

Detailed analytics and running large-scale inbound marketing campaigns add on to the specialty of this CRM in terms of supplying top notch services. Its live chat, forms, and email marketing are fantastic features that enhance its benefits, while contact management and landing pages significantly improve its usability. 

The pro edition offers some fantastic features of its own, which companies may assess and figure out how to upgrade to depending on the requirements. The free choice is the most popular since it has more than adequate functionality. 

Devices: Android, IOS, Web 

Pricing: With a pro plan beginning at $45 per month, the free plan is easily accessible. 

Zoho CRM 

Since it provides several integration options that let you connect to other Zoho applications, all of which have respectable free plans with excellent capabilities, Zoho CRM is another tool that offers a variety of services for growing your business. Up to 5,000 records and 3 users are allowed under the free plan, most of which are contacts, transactions, or campaigns, so you are not compelled to buy expensive subscriptions. Given that, it also offers a fantastic feature that lets you erase records that are no longer needed maximizing the usefulness of the free package. 

Analytics and reporting are impressively delivered, with an interface that is simple and resourceful. It supplies 360-degree view of contacts and the best time and method to contact them.  

  • Contact Book 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Automation 
  • Analytics 
  • Customization 
  • Storage 
  • Ecosystem 

Although the free plan has certain limitations and functions best with other excellent Zoho applications, it is still great in terms of offering the necessary functionality. Paid subscriptions include features like custom reporting, sales forecasting, and other marketing automation capabilities. It unlocks several features that remove obstructions that were previously present, giving the user access to far more options and enabling the seamless integration of other programs. 

Devices: Android, IOS, Web 

Pricing: Starting at $14/user/month. 


EngageBay is a CRM in all ways. With seamless features all on a free plan, it lives up to its CRM functionality. When it comes to it being a tool specifically, the spot belongs to EngageBay, which not only comes with a ton of features but also supplies free options. There is a comprehensive marketing suite with lead scoring, landing pages, pop-ups, email templates, newsletters, and tools to gather new contacts. In addition, you may incorporate a simple live chat module with statistics that show initial response time, chat duration, and the overall number of talks on your website. Users may create support tickets using any of these platforms, and your personnel will be distributed to them right away. Contacts and basic versions of all the other features are included. A lot is being offered, and all of it is completely free.  

  • 250 Contacts 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Autoresponders 
  • Email Broadcast 
  • Landing Pages and more... 

With dashboards for each function, the interface is clear and uncluttered, making it quite simple to move about. The information offered under each of them, together with the dashboards, gives a comprehensive overview of how each of them functions, with a choice of free services. Six bulk email systems, 14 SMS providers, Jotform, DocuSign, and reCAPTCHA are all natively compatible with EngageBay. 

Devices: Web, IOS, Android 

Pricing: Starting at $11.99 per user per month. 


Technically speaking, the sophisticated app Bitrix24 is not a CRM. It is a comprehensive business program that can be used for team collaboration on virtually any topic. The key selling point of this program is that it supports an infinite number of users and contacts, especially on the free plan, which is quite helpful in this situation. 

The complexity of the program causes a delayed start and makes it difficult to understand its functions at first. Before choosing the key features that are vital for your business, you must first explore your options through the many alternatives that this program offers.  

Even on the free plan, Bitrix24 offers extensive reporting. Numerous tabs on the analytics page track statistics for reporting on the actions or performance of employees. It's interesting to see that a free plan offers so many possibilities in terms of reporting and analytics. 

  • Unlimited users 
  • Collaboration 
  • Feed, Tasks & projects 
  • Contact Center 
  • Website builder. 

Additionally, Bitrix24 offers a ton of collaboration capabilities because it is likewise focused on team collaboration. A task and achievement stream that functions much like a social media feed for your business is available. You may add members of your team to the platform and distribute them according to departments and organizational structure. This is a remarkably feature-rich free program when project management capabilities, a file drive, and a website builder are included. 

It's quite easy to set up connections and give your team more power owing to the 290 native integration choices that cover several app categories. 

Devices: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android 

Pricing: Starting at $11.99 per user per month. 


ClickUp is another wonderful program with some unique features. The program gives users a wide range of options to select from and several ways to see their data, allowing them to change it as it suits them. The distinct hierarchy of ClickUp enables you to design the ideal structure that scales with your requirements. Each ClickUp level provides you with added freedom and power to organize everything from small teams to corporate businesses. 

The main takeaway from this app is its distinctive feature; whatever you're looking for may be easily found with ClickUp's Everything view, regardless of where it is found on the hierarchy. It is your aerial perspective of all jobs at all organizational levels and can be filtered, categorized, and stored for any purpose. For a clear visual hierarchy of all your work, it allows users to divide tasks into lists, arrange large projects or initiatives into folders, and organize teams and departments into spaces. Along with that, to tailor your task manager for each job demand, the app supplies options to choose from 35+ ClickUp Apps to integrate. You may automate tasks to save time, give sprint points, add data to custom fields, and more. 

  • 100MB Storage 
  • Unlimited Tasks 
  • Unlimited Free Plan Members 
  • Collaborative Docs and more. 

Numerous features are available in the free version, including 100 MB of storage, unlimited tasks, an unlimited number of users on the free plan, two-factor authentication, collaborative documents, whiteboards, real-time chat, Kanban boards, sprint management, native time tracking, in-app video recording, and round-the-clock support.  

Devices: Web, Windows, iOS 

Pricing: The unlimited plan starts at $9 per member per month. 


Freshsales is another amazing CRM tool that can be used for marketing as it supplies a complete picture of your customers' data. Providing teams with a single picture of the consumer will enable them to supply excellent service. It makes it reaching out to your clients where they are easy and effective. It also can be used to interact with context on the customer's preferred channel by significantly increasing sales productivity. 

The feature that sets it apart from its competitors is that it allows users to automate complicated and repetitive activities to increase the effectiveness of your staff. 

  • Contact & Account Management 
  • Contact Lifecycle Stages 
  • Built-in Chat, Email, & Phone 
  • Mobile App and more... 

With in-depth data and AI, it provides users with a wider scope for judgments and improving productivity with AI-powered forecasts and visual performance reports. Freshsales also allows you to make necessary changes to your CRM. The free plan being amazing in packing the required features supplies users to create a unique profile that reflects their business. Also providing a mobile app for the user's convenience and several integrations with other apps, Freshsales was designed to work with daily-use programs. 

Devices: Web, Windows, iOS, Android 

Pricing: Starting at $15/user/month, 

Organize all tasks, activities, resources, and data under one Work OS, is an amazing choice for a CRM. Several unique features make it an honorable choice among users. It allows you to build bridges across teams, support an only source of truth throughout your business. To get a comprehensive view of all your efforts, it has a fantastic collaborative option in store. Real-time notifications and simple automations will also help you stay informed. Dashboards are customizable that to get a high-level picture of your company and make decisions with confidence and scale workflows effortlessly to meet changing demands.  

  • Up to 3 boards 
  • Unlimited docs 
  • 200+ templates 
  • over 20 column types 
  • up to 2 team members 
  • iOS and Android apps. 

Numerous more tools from may be integrated with their CRM app, making it simpler to move about the shared office. Integrations other than the highlighted applications are also provided if customers like to use other apps, making it user-friendly and professional. 

Devices: Web, Windows, iOS, Android 

Pricing: Basic pack starting at €8seat /month 


Insightly keeps track of the most relevant lead data, including a detailed activity schedule of emails, calls, meetings, and tasks and the source of a marketing campaign. Supplying real-time lead routing that is automated will allow sales representatives to follow up on leads while they are still warm. 

Having a smooth interface and by automating workflow, sophisticated, it allows you to create multi-step business processes. When opportunities are won, you may send email notifications, create or amend records, generate tasks for other people, and even run custom business logic to synchronize systems from SAP, Oracle, and other third parties. With just a few clicks, you can quickly create and send emails from inside Insightly CRM, or you can instantly send bulk emails to a list of contacts or prospects. Insightly records real-time email delivery to clients and keeps track of open and click rates for all emails. 

  • Lead management 
  • Automated, customized emails 
  • Email templates 
  • Web-to-lead capture 
  • Kanban view and more. 

A unique feature is the utilizations of custom objects to gather and save data as well as the connections between datasets. Set record visibility and access restrictions according to business role or department, and plan and execute reports from any location. Three different account plans are available from Insightly, the main drawback being a free plan with restrictions on users, records, and functionality for extremely small enterprises. Plans that are subscription-based and charge per user and can be paid monthly or annually at a discounted rate. 

Devices: Web, Windows, iOS, Android 

Pricing: Plus version starting at $29 per user /month 

Capsule CRM  

A cloud-based choice for small to medium organizations is Capsule CRM with only two accounts and 250 contacts allowed in the free edition, which has limited functionality. Capabilities like email marketing, website personalization, social networking service, automatic reminders, and more, it promotes customer connections. Companies may start developing an extensive, tailored pipeline with complete access to consumer details by entering basic contact information, pipelines, goals, and budgets. Prevents downtime and latency caused by upgrades and makes it simple to obtain the most recent version online with seamless data and activity syncing.  

  • Task Management 
  • Reporting, Contact Management 
  • Email Tools 
  • Security & Permissions 
  • Connectivity and Customization. 

Through native iOS and Android applications, it supplies remote task management that is accessible on all smartphones and tablets. Connect with more than 50 pre-built NHS connectors for customer support, email marketing, accountancy, and other services are some of its amazing features. Open APIs enable the development of auxiliary services and flexible application integration. Additionally, data security is provided by employing SSL-encrypted servers available in Amazon's data centers, and information is maintained safe and secure with frequent data backups. With an easy-to-read, real-time visual interface, Capsule CRM gives out information on the present situation and past trends of KPIs, such as sales prospects and milestones making it unique from its competitors.  

Devices: Web, Windows, iOS, Android 

Pricing: Professional version starting at $ 18USD / Per user, per month 

Agile CRM  

Agile CRM is particularly good; it has a solid foundation that makes it easy to understand the tools and creates many options for fluidity and control of CRM automation benefits. For organizing a performance to help prospects, it is efficient and helpful. We have been more agile with our marketing due to the ease of its operation. It is quite simple to automate marketing activities and streamline workflow, and it is adaptable, filling in many gaps depending on the organization's goals. It becomes clear how to get extremely effective and functional performance for CRM-related tasks. 

  • 50,000 Contacts & Companies 
  • Custom Data Fields 
  • Lead Scoring 
  • Unlimited Deals 
  • Tasks & Documents 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Custom Deal Milestones and more. 

It is simple to manually or automatically add contacts as users complete out online forms. And it works well for basic marketing requirements. Pricing is significantly lower than those of comparable CRM software. Although the subscription pack opens a greater variety of options, it provides a free pack that gives up to 10 people entirely free access to several marketing and sales CRM tools. 

Devices:  Web, iOS, Android 

Pricing: Starter pack starting at $8.99/ user/ month.  



It's time to test them out and explore the features that interest you and your company the most. The true value of CRM solutions can be determined by the personal experience of each, based on their required features and services. The value of CRM solutions can only be decided by the user themselves despite the abundance of incredible features and services they offer. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and how we deal with them is most important. Test-driving the products is the best approach to go forward with long-term company planning and, consequently, discuss whether to upgrade or stick with the current apps. 


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